Quality system

Quality Policy.

FLIM company has introduced the program of the enterprise certification for compliance with international quality standards ISO 9001- 2008.

“Quality is such state when the consumer who came to us once comes to us again.”

Long-term experience of our company’s successful work is the best proof for this simple and yet very capacious definition. To achieve the state we constantly improve:

  • We develop our management system up to the level of international standards;
  • We identify customer's needs, not only the surface, but deep ones;
  • We design a product that our customer really needs, rather than making a sense of its necessity;
  • We constantly improve our production processes and strive for zero-defect production of our products;
  • We create conditions where our suppliers are actively involved in the process of high-quality product creating;
  • We make the process of our product acquiring easy and enjoyable for our customers;
  • We reaffirm our words with deeds and provide up to 60 months warranty for our products;
  • We are always available for communication; feedback from our customers, partners and employees helps us to change. To change for becoming better.