Garant Blok

  • Garant Blok anti-theft lock
  • Garant Blok anti-theft lock
  • Garant Blok anti-theft lock
  • Garant Blok anti-theft lock
  • Garant Blok anti-theft lock
  • Garant Blok anti-theft lock

The lock blocks the steering shaft of the vehicle via the clutch, which is rigidly fixed on the steering shaft, and the stopper, which is inserted into the clutch and prevents the steering shaft rotation, resting against the vehicle components. The stopper is set into the clutch automatically without manipulation of a key. Removing of the stopper from the clutch is done with an Abloy key.

Currently, the range of Garant Blok mechanical antitheft devices covers several hundred of car models.

Security features:

  • - Difficult access to the place of the lock installation. No opportunities to work there with any bench-work tool or an angle grinder due to the limited space;
  • - Design features of the lock housing and the position of the stopper exclude any access to the connecting screws of the housing;
  • - Hardened clutch, whose hardness is more than HRC 50, as well as specially established revolving protective cylinder and the shim eliminate drilling of the mechanism;
  • - The mechanism, made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, is stable to criminal destruction of the rotating hardened disk-trap. It eliminates drilling of the secret mechanism;
  • - The stopper is made of polished hardened stainless steel and has a convenient handle of elastic PVC, which increases operating comfort during the cold season;
  • - Circumferential grooves with a reverse taper on the surface of the latch and on the counterbore of the steering shaft clutch;
  • - Difficult access to the lock ring that secures the disk-trap;
  • - High security of the Abloy Sento secret disk-type mechanism with up to 360 million possible key combinations;

A wide range of Garant Block locks allows you to select asap the steering shaft lock for almost any vehicle. You can find the lock for your car in “Search the lock” link.

If you did not find the lock for your car, send us email and we will soon select the lock suitable for you.

Garant Blok locks are available in two versions:

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