Garant Lock Competitive Advantages

Precise Equipment

The locks are produced only at state-of-the-art precise equipment that allows receiving the products of the highest quality with minimum percentage of inaccuracies.

High Quality Materials

At production we use the latest solutions in metal technology and metal working fields. All lock elements are made using special materials alloyed and tampered steel.

Abloy Security Mechanisms

Abloy Disc Security Mechanisms are used in the locks. The Security mechanism consists of 11 discs with six different cuttings which ensures up to 1.97 billion of combinations. The lock has a special system against drilling as well as protection from a key copying, blank keys are patented and are supplied specially to authorized dealers with strict reporting.

Additional Security Elements

Elements (rollers, balls, rotating cartridges, heat-treated inserts) which complicate the illegal breaking are used in lock structures.

Protection against Forgery

Every lock has an individual serial number and protected against forgery.